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Thank you for your time - my friends call me Nico.


I come from a Peruvian father and Ukrainian mother. They met at Zilker Park back in the late 70's. Family is everything.


My passion is nature, design, music, movement, human connection y fútbol.


I studied architecture at Pratt Institute and graduated from the University of Texas where I studied urban planning and majored in geography. My thesis at UT was under designer Larry Speck. Design and the manipulation of space is something I am innately drawn to. Our systems of movement and the relationship between the built and natural environment was my focus. 

For years I worked with light as a photo assistant for professional commercial productions. I was the studio manager and lead photographer of The Perfect Headshot, a commercial portrait studio based in Austin where we developed an empowering approach to portraiture. Over the course of the years I have photographed 1000's of subjects. Each person is uniquely different; I am most proud of my ability to always put the person in front of me at ease. I have a sensitivity and awareness that allows me to always make my subjects feel comfortable and authentically connect with them. 

Over the years I have photographed for many of the premiere live events that take place in Austin, TX. 




Years ago my father and best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I watched him physically deteriorate in a matter of months. It was very traumatic. We had a beautiful friendship. I was 23 years old, about to finish my schooling at The University of Texas. I dropped out of school to become his caretaker. When he left this earth, the person I was left as well. My prayers were answered and I held his hand till his last breath. Losing that piece of myself turned my world upside down. The curtains were drawn and they since have never been shut. I see everything differently now. I feel everything differently now. It was the beginning of a new journey. There were many painful moments, but I feel very lucky. 


Shortly after my father died, I found a collection of old photographs that I never knew existed. Hundreds of them. It was my father’s life before my time, laid out in front of me. A legend. A life I had only heard stories about. A life that was always left up to my imagination. Not anymore. 


The photographs I found of my father's life before my time inspired me to commit myself to photography. I will always remember how I felt when I found those pictures of my father. A photograph will forever carry a different kind of significance in my heart. 

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