When my father and best friend left this earth August of 2014, the person I was left as well. Losing that piece of myself turned my world upside down. The curtains were drawn and they since have never been shut. I see everything differently now. I most definitely feel everything differently now. 


I read something once about photography being the first form of time travel - that always stuck with me. 


I didn't just wake up one day and realize that I wanted to be a photographer. 


Shortly after my father died, I found a collection of old photographs that I never knew existed. Hundreds of them. It was my father’s life, before my time, laid out in front of me. A legend. A life I had only heard stories about. A life that was always left up to my imagination. Not anymore. I went back in time. 


The photographs I found of my father's life before my time made me want to be a photographer. 


I will always remember how I felt when I found those pictures. A photograph will forever carry a different kind of significance in my heart. 


I constantly think about how my children and my children’s children will feel when they look back at my photography and see my life before their time. My pictures are a gift for them to enjoy when I am gone. It is why I will pursue photography till the day I split. 


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